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Uninstall App

Use ll-cli uninstall to uninstall Linglong app.

View the help information of ll-cli uninstall command:

ll-cli uninstall --help

Here is the outputs:

Usage: ll-cli [options] uninstall com.deepin.demo

  -h, --help                           Displays this help.
  --default-config                     default config json filepath
  --nodbus                             execute cmd directly, not via dbus
  --repo-point <--repo-point=flatpak>  app repo type to use

  uninstall                            uninstall an application
  appId                                application id

The command below gives an example of how to uninstall a Linglong app:

ll-cli uninstall <org.deepin.calculator>

Here is the outputs of ll-cli uninstall org.deepin.calculator:

uninstall org.deepin.calculator , please wait a few minutes...
message: uninstall org.deepin.calculator, version: success

The highest version is uninstalled by default. You can uninstall the specified version by appending the corresponding version number to the appid:

ll-cli uninstall <org.deepin.calculator/5.1.2>

After the command is executed successfully, the Linglong app will be uninstalled.