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List Installed Apps

Use ll-cli list to view the installed Linglong apps.

View the help information of ll-cli list command:

ll-cli list --help

Here is the outputs:

Usage: ll-cli [options] list

  -h, --help                           Displays help on commandline options.
  --help-all                           Displays help including Qt specific
  --type <--type=installed>            query installed app
  --repo-point <--repo-point=flatpak>  app repo type to use
  --nodbus                             execute cmd directly, not via dbus

  list                                 show installed application

To view the installed runtime and apps, run ll-cli list:

ll-cli list

Here is the outputs:

appId                           name                            version         arch        channel         module      description
org.deepin.Runtime              runtime                         20.5.0          x86_64      linglong        runtime     runtime of deepin
org.deepin.calculator           deepin-calculator             x86_64      linglong        runtime     calculator for deepin os               deepin-camera                  x86_64      linglong        runtime     camera for deepin os