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Run App

Use ll-cli run command to start a Linglong application.

See help for the ll-cli run command:

ll-cli run --help

View the help information for the ll-cli run command:

Usage: ll-cli [options] run com.deepin.demo

  -h, --help                                         Displays help on
                                                     commandline options.
  --help-all                                         Displays help including Qt
                                                     specific options.
  --repo-point                                       app repo type to use
  --exec </bin/bash>                                 run exec
  --no-proxy                                         whether to use dbus proxy
                                                     in box
  --filter-name <--filter-name=com.deepin.linglong.A dbus name filter to use
  --filter-path <--filter-path=/com/deepin/linglong/ dbus path filter to use
  --filter-interface <--filter-interface=com.deepin. dbus interface filter to
  linglong.PackageManager>                           use

  run                                                run application
  appId                                              application id

When the application is installed normally, use the ll-cli run command to start it:

ll-cli run <org.deepin.calculator>

By default, executing the run command will start the application of the highest version. If you want to run the application of the specified version, you need to append the corresponding version number after appid:

ll-cli run <org.deepin.calculator/>

By default, ll-dbus-proxy is used to intercept and forward dbus messages. If you do not want to use ll-dbus-proxy, you can use the --no-proxy parameter:

ll-cli run <org.deepin.calculator> --no-proxy

Use the ll-cli run command to enter the specified program container:

ll-cli run <org.deepin.calculator> --exec /bin/bash

After entering, execute shell commands, such as gdb, strace, ls, find, etc.

Since Linglong applications run in the container, they cannot be directly debugged in the conventional way. You need to run debugging tools in the container, such as gdb:

gdb /opt/apps/org.deepin.calculator/files/bin/deepin-calculator

The path is the absolute path of the application in the container.

For more debugging information of Linglong application release version, please refer to: Run FAQ.