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Build FAQ

  1. -lxxx failed in cmake type build, but ldconfig and pkg-config can query the library information.

    The link library path is not a regular path, the new path is /runtime/lib. Add the environment variable LIBRARY_PATH=<libpath>, which is included in the build environment by default.

  2. link static library failed when building, which requires re-build with fPIC.

    Use the -fPIC parameter when building a static library.

  3. Failed to start box during build, as shown below.

    ll-box start failed

    The kernel does not support unprivilege namespace, please open unprivilege namespace to solve it.

    sudo sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1
  4. The build of qtbase is successful, but the qt application cannot be built, which prompts module,mkspec related errors.

    There is a problem in the lower version of fuse-overlay mount, which leads to the polluted file content when qtbase commit, and cannot be used. Use fuse-overlayfs >= 1.8.2 version.