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Build App

Use ll-builder build to build a Linglong application.

View the help information for the ll-builder build command:

ll-builder build --help

Here is the output:

Usage: ll-builder [options] build

  -v, --verbose show detail log
  -h, --help Displays help on commandline options.
  --help-all Displays help including Qt specific options.
  --exec <exec> run exec than build script

  build build project

The ll-builder build command must be run in the root directory of the project, where the linglong.yaml file is located.

Taking the Linglong project org.deepin.demo, as an example, the main steps to build a Linglong application would be as follows:

Go to the org.deepin.demo project directory:

cd org.deepin.demo

Execute the ll-builder build command to start building:

ll-builder build

After the build is complete, the build content will be automatically committed to the local ostree cache. See ll-builder export for exporting build content.

Use the --exec parameter to enter the Linglong container before the build script is executed:

ll-builder build --exec /bin/bash

After entering the container, you can execute shell commands, such as gdb, strace, etc.

For more debugging information of Linglong application debug version, please refer to: Debug App.