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Run compiled App

Use ll-builder run to run the compiled executable program.

View the help information of ll-builder run command:

ll-builder run --help

Here is the outputs:

Usage: ll-builder [options] run

   -v, --verbose show detail log
   -h, --help Displays this help.
   --exec <exec> run exec than build script

   run run project

The ll-builder run command reads the operating environment information related to the program according to the configuration file, constructs a container, and executes the program in the container without installation.

ll-builder run

If ll-builder run runs successfully, the output is as follows:


To facilitate debugging, use an additional --exec /bin/bash parameter to replace the default execution program after entering the container, such as:

ll-builder run --exec /bin/bash

With this option, ll-builder will enter the bash terminal after creating the container, and can perform other operations inside the container.