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Export Uab Format

Use ll-builder export to check out the build content and generate the bundle format package (referred to as uab).

View the help information of ll-builder export commands:

ll-builder export --help

Here is the outputs:

Usage: ll-builder [options] export [filename]

  -v, --verbose  show detail log
  -h, --help     Displays this help.

  export         export build result to uab bundle
  filename       bundle file name , if filename is empty,export default format

The ll-builder export command creates a directory named appid in the project root directory, checks out the local build cache to this directory, and produces a bundle format package according to the build result.

An example of ll-builder export command is as follows:

ll-builder export

The directory structure after checkout is as follows:

org.deepin.demo linglong.yaml org.deepin.demo_0.0.1_x86_64.uab

Linglong applications have two package formats: linglong, uab, currently the linglong package format is the main one.

Take org.deepin.demo Linglong application as an example, the directory is as follows:

├── entries
│   └── applications
│        └── demo.desktop
├── files
│   └── bin
│       └── demo
├── info.json
└── linglong.yaml